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Time Frames In Forex Trading - A Definitive Guide

Time frames are the most useful ingredients in forex trading. Traders analyze market trends by utilizing different time frames. These versatile time frames help them to determine multiple angles of the chart. Using different time frames helps traders to find out the currency pair position in the market.

So, in this guide, we'll see how forex time frames are used in different categories, their implementation, and more importantly how traders get benefited from it.

What Are The Primary Time Frames in Forex?

Forex time frames are identified by long-term, medium-term and short-term. Traders are using short-term or long-term time frames for their own certain strategies. Time frames easily reveal the perfect timing entries for traders.

So, let's point out the main time frames-


Trading Style

Trend Time Frame

Trigger Time Frame

Long term

Position trading




Swing trading



Short term

Day trading








The table shows the short-term traders must be using scalping strategy or day trading strategy. And long-term is always to be a positional trading strategy. But for the beginner, it is beneficial to follow the day trading strategy and use short-term time frames.


Benefits of Time Frame Analysis

Utilizing multiple time frames has an infinite number of advantages. Due to liquidity, traders use a short-term time frame to execute the perfect entry point for a trade. Also, versatile time frames are used to extract meaningful information from the market. But a single time frame can be a problem while showing only one strategic data.

If we look into another advantage, then the forex market is set for 24 hours. So, in that time, you can switch multiple time frames during different time sessions (Asian, European, US) with a different market condition. So, that traders can easily spot the ideal entries.


What Is The Best Time Frame For Trading?

Every trader is always looking for the best time frame among all but how much they get? Finding the best time frame is to rely on the trader’s trading style and strategy. Whenever a trader uses a time frame, it must depend on his strategy and trading style. Because a trader chooses a time frame for his own trading purpose.

In my opinion, please try out your strategies and trading style, then choose a suitable time frame for that. Now, you are ready to rock!


Multiple Time Frames Are Mandatory

Multiple time frames are used to identify various information in different shapes. In one time frame, you can identify one individual trading view of a single currency pair. But, in multiple, you can oversee the whole view in various ways.

With this procedure, long-term timeframes are for long-term traders and short-term timeframes are used for short-term traders. Traders with different strategies are using these time frames for their own purpose. For example, scalpers are using short-term time frames like 15 minutes, 1 hour. As for day traders, they are using 4 hour, 1 day.

The Bottom Line

In one word, we are top to bottom engaging with time frames. For every specific reason, we need a time frame to identify the exact position for trade. Also, in making forex analysis we need time frames to determine. So, you can see, it is a part and parcel of forex trading life. When you determine the right time frame which goes perfectly with your strategy, then you definitely hit the button.

Best of luck!